Ivey Childers is both a spirited Entrepreneur and esteemed Recipe Developer. Creator of the viral IveyCake, a Nashville-based bakery founded in 2007, Ivey quickly gained impressive media attention and rallying support from the biggest names in Music with over 40 made-from-scratch cake flavor combinations. Ivey has made multiple appearances on The Food Network, and has been featured in several global publications including People Magazine due to her impressive celebrity cake designs.

Ivey’s journey from cupcakes to cocktails was a natural progression. Bringing her recipe development skills home after long days at the bakery, Ivey created tequila-based cocktails to unwind and entertain. After 15 years of searching for the “perfect sipper and mixer”, Ivey took the journey Southbound to Jalisco, Mexico, where she worked extensively with a Master Distiller to find that unique, premium tequila to mix, sip, and savor. Thus, Southbound was born, beginning a new chapter in the Entrepreneur’s career. As Co-founder & CEO of Southbound, Ivey’s mission is to make the consumer tequila choice smoother in an overwhelming market; inviting beginners & tequila enthusiasts alike to Take the Journey Southbound and Rediscover Tequila with a premium, all-occasion spirit anyone can enjoy.